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  1. Improved Self-awareness and self-esteem

Mindfulness meditation benefits empower us to think deeply, work on self-reflection, slow down, and discover positive aspects of life and about ourselves. Meditation performed in any form increases self-awareness and self-esteem by alleviating the capability for examining one’s feelings and thoughts without any kind of negative judgment.

Meditation is really helpful for people with social anxiety disorder, ADHD, and OCPD. It has been proved in various studies that people with SAD really felt more confident after meditation regularly for a month.

  1. Improved concentration and focus
    One of the best advantages of meditation is that meditation improves focal point and concentration which guides to growth and success. A study performed by Harvard Medical School worked on the effects of meditation on the brain. The study shows that there is a connection between the processing of new knowledge and mindfulness. Additionally, meditation improves learning, emotional regulation, and memory.
  2. Less Stress
    less Stress

Reduced stress is the benefit of transcendental meditation which actually reduces the level of Cortisol (the hormone responsible for stress in the body) which in turn makes you feel more calm and relaxed. Repeating a mantra or a phrase while performing a mantra has calming effects. Mantra meditation basically wipes off the negative thoughts from the body. Meditation also established stability and stillness inside the body. It also helps in reducing burnout situations.

  1. Improved coping with depression and anxiety
    Mindfulness meditation and another type of meditation trains our mind to live the present moment. It helps to come out from the rumination and negative thinking and replaces with positivity. Meditation can also reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety along with the plan prescribed by your mental health provider. Regular meditation improves sleeping patterns, mood, and loss of appetite.
  2. Overcome any addiction
    overcome any addiction

Meditation has the power to overcome any addiction that you are planning to leave from months or years. Meditation works as therapy when it comes to alcohol and substance use. One can easily cope and manage substance use.

  1. Control chronic pain
    control chronic pain

Various studies show that meditation is proved to be really effective with chronic pain and mental illness. Meditation improves brain functioning and improves the link between body and brain. Meditation is proved to be effective in PTSD, ADHD, and other acute physical pain.

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