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What is Loving-Kindness Meditation?
A renowned expert in loving-kindness meditation, Sharon Salzberg says, “The term loving-kindness can seem a little odd or quirky,” maybe even in a way that initially makes you feel it’s not for you.

” Sense of connection means more fundamentally,” Salzburg explains. “It doesn’t mean you like somebody necessarily, or you approve of them, or you take delight in what they’re doing by any means, but it’s a deep, deep knowing that our lives are really so profoundly interconnected.”

The idea is that these feelings of goodwill are unconditional.

Loving-Kindness Meditation Benefits
Even though this style of meditation is about turning your attention to others, many practitioners praise the benefits they see in themselves and in their personal relationship—and research has backed some of them up. Some of the positive things you can expect by sending good out into the world include:

  1. More Positive Emotions
    Practicing loving-kindness meditation can decrease negative emotions, both toward individual people and in general. It helps in increasing feelings such as joy, cheerfulness, fulfillment, and awe. Turns out, by finding ways to love anybody and everybody around you, you find more ways to love the world .
  2. Increased Self-Compassion
    This extends to the self as well. By sending unconditional love toward others—despite their mistakes—it becomes easier to love yourself no matter what.
  3. Better Social Connections and Less Loneliness
    By regularly mulling on the connections between you and other people, you’re likely to feel a deep sense of closeness and belonging.
  4. Decreased Pain
    Meditation also decreases physical pain such as from migraines or chronic lower back issues. Maybe it’s karma, maybe it’s those good vibrations radiating back to you.

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